Bolnisi and its region


Around Bolnisi  there are many attractions that are worth to visit.

  •  The archaeological excavations of Aruchlo and Dmanisi, one of the main sites of prehistorical human (?) discoveries 2013_01_aruchlo_IMG_6241_we throughout Eurasia.
  • Or the churches and monasteries of Sioni, Tzugrugasheni, Samshvilde and Birtvisi.
  • Or the oldest gold mine in the world in Sakdrisi.
  • Or the monasteries in Armenia near Alaverdi: Odzoun, Haghpat, Sanahin.


  • Even to Vardzia with its famous rock monastery it is not too far.
  • Not to forget the Georgian capital Tbilisi, which is just an hour’s drive away.

We can arrange day trips in the surrounding area.

  • Day trip to Alaverdi/Armenia with the monasteries Haghpad and Sanahin and the cathedral Odzoun
  • Day trip around BolnisiTBS_1_web
  • Day trip to Vardzia
  • Day trip to Tbilisi